VDM® ALLOY 926 sheet 1.4529 hotrolled

Article no.: 40204747

Article details

Range VDM: VDM® Alloy 926
Material Stainless Steel: 1.4529
Thickness: 3 mm
Width: 2,000 mm
Length: 6,000 mm

Additional Information

SHEET VDM® ALLOY 926 (CRONIFER 1925 HMO) MATERIAL NO. 1.4529 / UNS N08926 ALLG. BAUZ. Z-30.3-6 20.04.2009/S275 VDTÜV WB 502:2017-09-25 PRESSURE EQUIPMENT DIRECTIVE 2014/68/EU DIN EN 10028-7 10/2016 DIN EN 10088-2 06/2005 ASTM B625-17 ASME BPVC.II.B-2019 SB-625 INSPECTION CERTIFICATE 3.1 ACC. TO DIN EN 10204/01.2005 COLD ROLLED, SOLUTION ANNEALED, DESCALED

VDM® Alloy 926

VDM® Alloy 926 is an austenitic, special stainless steel that was developed by VDM Metals on the basis of the many times proven VDM® Alloy 904 L (1.4539). Due to its 6.5 % higher molybdenum concentration, VDM® Alloy 926 has a generally improved corrosion resistance and resistance against pitting corrosion and crevice corrosion compared to VDM® Alloy 904 L. This also has a positive effect on the resistance against stress corrosion that is induced by pitting corrosion.

  • Very good resistance against chloride-induced stress corrosion,
  • Increased resistance against stress corrosion in comparison to other austenitic stainless steels,
  • Excellent general corrosion resistance when in contact with oxidizing and reducing media,
  • Higher strength than VDM® Alloy 904 L (1.4539),
  • Low propensity to form inter-metallic phases,
  • Approval for pressure vessels in the temperature range from -196 to 400 °C (-272.2 to 752 °F).
  • Approval from building supervisory authorities for components and joining elements made of stainless steels, Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik [German Centre of Competence for Construction], September ’98

Certifications and approvals

VdTÜV 502
ASTM A 240

Weight and Price

Unit weight
approx. 305.00 kg
1 piece(s) contains 305 kg
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