VDM® FM 59 Welding rods in quiver 2.4607

Article no.: 40174184

Article details

Range VDM: VDM® FM 59
Nickel Nickel-Alloy: 2.4607
Material High-grade Steel: 1.3990
Diameter: 1.6 mm
Length: 1,000 mm

Additional Information

WIRE CUT INTO LENGTHS VDM® FM 59 (NICROFER S 5923) MATERIAL NO. 2.4607 / UNS N06059 AWS A5.14 ERNICRMO-13 drawn, redrawn, bright, cleaned in quivers (5 KG) Inspection Certificate 3.1 acc. DIN EN 10204/01.2005

VDM® FM 59

VDM® FM 59 is a low carbon nickel-chromium-molybdenum welding consumable for superalloyed joint welding of high performance alloys for wet chemical applications. It has exceptionally high resistance to hot, acid and chloride media and is widely used in the chemical and environmental industries.

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Weight and Price

Unit weight
approx. 5.00 kg
1 piece(s) contains 5 kg
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